Our sustainability philosophy

Economic, ecological and social goals of the Hotelpark Stadtbrauerei Arnstadt

Our sustainability philosophy is to reconcile economy with ecology and sociology. Our goal is to anchor the concept of sustainability as an integral part of all corporate activities. The Hotelpark Stadtbrauerei Arnstadt tries best to support the region, to preserve Thuringian tradition and to live in an environmentally conscious way through active rethinking. In addition to measures already successfully implemented, we have much planned and continuously set new targets that are to be achieved.

Innovation and performance

  • Marking of the regionality of the beers brewed in the brewery on the labels of the bottles
  • repeated annual proof of license terms of the Thuringian quality mark “Certified quality Thuringia” since the year 2012
  • three adjustments of the menus and drinks per year based on the offers of regional products
  • Production of our own mineral water by means of a well thought-out well water treatment, which is simultaneously used for the liquid enrichment of the Cola, Fanta and Sprite concentrates.


  • Marking of the regionality in the beverage and menu cards
  • Installation of a “green board” with innovation box for the concentrated storage of advice by employees

Competence and product development

  • regular participation in Green Meetings
  • Participation in events on the topic of “Environment & Sustainability” such as “Erfurter ÖKOPROFIT Betrieb 2014”, meetings of the advisory board “Sustainable Days in Thuringia”
  • individual agreements with the ‘Zentrum für Nachhaltigkeit der Thüringer Tourismus Gesellschaft (TTG)’ (center for sustainability) and the resulting update of the voluntary sustainability declaration for Hotelpark Stadtbrauerei Arnstadt GmbH
  • Advice by the DEHOGA on the development of eco-friendliness and sustainability
  • MICE Conference “The Green Conference Hotel” 2015
  • Use of an electric-powered golf trolley as internal means of transport
  • constant further development of our innovative conference offers in the direction of “Green Meeting”.


  • Development and implementation of a concept for “Green Meetings” for the conference centre in the Hotelpark Stadtbrauerei Arnstadt
  • Regular employee training for sustainability competence
  • Continuous development and conception of new service offers in the direction of active conferences
  • Mobility concept using an electric car for 2016 (alternative: scooter UNU Motors)
  • Further expansion of electromobility and equipping the in-house power ‘pump’ with “green electricity” by the end of 2016

Procurement practice

  • Own production of original Arnstadt beers and mineral water
  • Regional suppliers as permanent partners of the gastronomy, e.g. mustard from Kleinhettstedt and Born-Senf, fruit from Gierstädt, asparagus and strawberries from Herbstleben, farmed game from Herschdorf, dumplings from Heichelheim, mushrooms from regional cultivation, meat and sausage products from the agricultural cooperative Bösleben, malt from the company Rhön-Malz Mellrichstadt etc.
  • Use of cup systems in cooperation with cup & more, thus the use of disposable cups has fallen below 5 %, therefore biological cups and glasses are increasingly used, the use of cardboard plates has been reduced to 4 %.
  • Use of concentrates for non-alcoholic beverages with water from our own well


  • further integration of regional suppliers taking into account seasonal products in view of the three changes of food and drink menus per year
  • Examination of preferred materials in the areas of technology, housekeeping, restaurant and administration, including sustainable origin (if necessary, conversion to suppliers with sustainability chain of custody may take place in stages)
  • Expansion of sustainable catering through reduction and renunciation of non-reusable materials

Handling resources

  • Water treatment by an in-house ionisation plant (salt for the water ionisation plant from the Sadtilm salt works)
  • permanent waste separation and control on the basis of the invoices
  • constant use of recycled paper and to agreements with the paper suppliers of specialty papers
  • electronic and paperless administration processes within the companies Hotelpark Stadtbrauerei Arnstadt GmbH and Brauhaushotel GmbH


  • Intensification of the review of all areas with the aim of conserving resources in the use of water and energy
  • Increasing efficiency
  • Procurement of ecological conference materials (conference blocks, pens, etc.)
  • Banderoles around the cushions of the hotel rooms, so that our guests can see whether they have been used and whether they need to be cleaned as a result

Waste management

  • Reusable systems and equipment for all major events and catering
  • verifiable recycling of residues via re-food


  • Optimization of waste management
  • 6 Energy efficiency
  • Heat recovery in the brewery and town hall areas
  • Ventilation of the event rooms by means of window ventilation
  • Use of the e-filling station at the Brauhaushotel
  • Utilisation of heat and electricity from cogeneration plants
  • 45% of the Hotelpark have been converted to LED
  • intensive use of the mixing plant in the area of Brewery, whose CO ² is obtained from the air

Environmental and climate protection

  • Preparation of offers on the basis of individual agreements with the potential conference planners with the aim of arriving by train (Arnstadt Südbahnhof distance approx. 800 m)
  • all internal transports are secured with the Golf VIP Car
  • Pool cover is pulled over the pool directly after sauna operation and only rewound immediately before swimming pool operation
  • The green areas of the property are continuously maintained and the tree areas are maximally extended

Social standards

  • Use of products from humane and environmentally friendly regions
  • Use of mainly regional products
  • The hotelpark and the brewery hotel pay the collectively agreed wages on the basis of the laws.
  • At the same time, the laws on minimum wages and break regulations are observed and monitored.
  • daily fresh meals for the employees by the Brauhaus Restaurant with regional products and fresh fruit and vegetables


  • Inclusion of the topic of “sustainability and regionalism” in the creation of the Credo Cards for employees

Education and knowledge

  • Redesign of the in-house discotheque into the “RememBar” in 2011 (a stylish bar in the Schalander of the old brewery) with the involvement of students of the Gastronomy-Fachschule Erfurt.
  • Regular supervision of student projects at grammar schools and regular schools on the subjects of beer and beer history
  • Cooperation with universities and support of project work


  • Regular employee training on the subject of “environmentally compatible and sustainable action” to ensure the quality of our company and expand the know-how of our employees

Diversity and opportunities

  • -wheelchair accessible rooms and arrangements
  • -our gastronomic facilities, conservatory and shower room, are wheelchair accesible
  • -the cultural and conference area complies with the conditions for accessibility
  • -Hotel entrances are wheelchair accessible and partly equipped with elevators
  • -parallel to the menu change, all menus are prepared in Braille, additionally our service staff are sensitized to these target groups


  • Extension of our barrier-free offers
  • Implementation of menus with speech-code analog QR code
  • Enforcement of “Thuringian eating culture” with Thuringian porcelain, Thuringian glass, Thuringian wine etc.

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