Our beers

Our home-brewed Arnstadt beers are produced in a traditional and artisan manner. It is a handmade natural product with a limited shelf life.

The beers at a glance:

Arnstädter UrStoff

This pale beer speciality is characterised by its golden yellow colour and the extra-fine hop note.

The rounded, full-bodied taste results from the use of Pilsner malt and Caramell malt.

It has a root flavor content of 12.5% and an alcohol content of 5.1 vol %.

Arnstädter UrTyp

A dark beer that gets its colour from the use of 5 special malts.

Due to its mildness, it is loved especially by many women.

The original wort content and also the alcohol content correspond to the original Arnstadt product and thus amount to 12.5 % or 5.1 vol %.

Arnstädter UrBock

An root flavor content of 16.5 % and an alcohol content of 7.1 vol % make this malty aromatic seasonal beer an unforgettable taste experience.

It is rounded off by its slightly bitter hop note.

Arnstädter UrWeizen 

A wheat beer as it should be – fresh, top-fermented with a mild hop flavour and light banana bouquet.

% Vol with a wort of 12.5% and an alcohol content of 5.1 is a refreshing thirst-quencher in summer.

Of course, this beer does not lose its taste even in the cold season.


Tips from master brewer

To enjoy a beer properly and to taste its full flavor, our master brewers gives here are a few useful tips:


Beer should be stored in a cool and dark room.

Bright light and strong temperature fluctuations harm the taste.

The optimum temperature in the storage room should be constantly 5-10 degrees Celsius. Even the beer should not be stored horizontally.

The serving temperature is crucial for the enjoyment of beer. It should be from 8 to 10 degrees Celsius – similar to an ordinary refrigerator setting.


  1. before drafting rinse clean glasses with cold water
  2. open tap completely while drafting a beer
  3. drafting a fresh beer takes only 3 minutes not 7
  4. never offer the “night watch man” ( beer that has been in the draft pipe over a long period or overnight)
  5. never pre-draft and never pour half filled glasses together

These draft-rules can be applied to bottled beer as well. With the right treatment it will build a beautiful frothy crown as well. Wheat beer which usually has to be served in bottles should be poured moderately and evenly not creating any swirls in the glass, which leads to excessive froth formation. Respecting the delicate flavor of wheat beer it should never be served with a lemon.

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