On October 3, 2018, the traditional Bockbier tapping will take place in what is probably Germany’s oldest wheat beer brewery. Experience a feast of beer and brewing tradition with good food, music and freshly tapped wheat beer. On this day, the long history of the brewery comes to life again.

Starts at 10am.

Our Beer to take away

In order to bring something typical from the Stadtbrauerei Arnstadt, one of the oldest wheat beer breweries in Germany, our master brewer always recommends Arnstädter Beer. Whether ‘UrStoff hell’ in the representative 5-liter party kegs, a siphon with one or two litres of freshly tapped Arnstadt Kellerbräu (dark, bright or wheat), a majestic 3-litre Magnum bottle ‘UrStoff hell’ or a high-quality champagne bottle filled with Arnstädter ‘Kellerbräu hell’ – with our traditionally brewed beers you can best express how much you enjoyed your trip to Thuringia. It is a handmade natural product with a limited shelf life.

Arnstadt Beer caller

The beer caller of the city of Arnstadt has been the most popular person in Arnstadt since 1427.

At the age of 614, he is still ensnared by young bar girls.

He presents his inexhaustible knowledge in his most serious ‘beer way’ and inspires thousands of visitors every year with his charm and many anecdotes from long gone times.

You learn a lot about the history of over 1300 years old city of Bach, beer and fountains. Stories are especially associated with beer. The first news about the brewing industry in Arnstadt dates back to 1407 and it can be proved that wheat beer was brewed as early as 1617.

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