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Leisure Tips

Places of interest in Arnstadt & destinations

With its history of over 1300 years, Arnstadt is the oldest town in Thuringia and the home of the young Johann Sebastian Bach. Arnstadt can also look back proudly on a long beer and brewing tradition. It is assumed that wheat beer was brewed for the very first time right here – in Arnstadt.

Hopfenbrunnen (Hops fountain)

The Hopfenbrunnen is the most magnificent of the numerous Arnstadt fountains.

Church of Johann Sebastian Bach

Johann Sebastian Bach worked here as an organist from 1703 to 1707.

Liebfrauenkirche (church)

Liebfrauenkirche (church) After Naumburg Cathedral, the Liebfrauenkirche is the most important church building in Central Germany from the Romanesque-Gothic transitional period.

Oberkirche (church)

The church has a rich early baroque interior.

Market Square

On the market square is the memorial of a young Bach.

Town hall

The Arnstadt Town Hall was built after the great fire by 1581 in Renaissance style.

Places of interest in Thuringia & destinations for TRIPS

Thuringia is known as a land of poets and thinkers and with numerous historical personalities such as Goethe, Schiller, Luther and Bach, its castles and palaces, historic city centers and historical sites offers numerous traces to discover Thuringia culturally.


Erfurt is the state capital of Thuringia.

Bach Stammhaus Wechmar

Wechmar is considered to be the cradle of the Thuringian Bach family.


Following in the footsteps of the great poets and thinkers.


Just located a few kilometres from the city center of Arnstadt.


Eisenach is a town situated at the foot of the Thuringian Forest.

Die Drei Gleichen (Three of a Kind)

Thuringia's Burgenland is one of Thuringia's most interesting regions in terms of landscape.


Gotha The imposing three-wing complex of Friedenstein Castle sits enthroned above the former residence city of Gotha. The Friedenstein was built after the Thirty Years' War by Duke Ernst I, the Pious, and is regarded as the largest early…

Schloß Molsdorf (castle)

The baroque castle is a worthwhile destination.


Located directly at the foot of the Thuringian Forest.

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