Being a guest of the beer caller – Brewery feast

Book your excursion to the living history of beer now and enjoy culinary highlights of music and a relaxed atmosphere.

Music, a good mood, and food and drink from the beer cellar are the promises of this’beery’ good programme. The beer caller invites you to the exuberant brewery in the cellar of the Stadtbrauerei Arnstadt. His funny anecdotes amuse the multi-course brewery in a historical ambience.

A solo entertainer provides musical accompaniment for exuberant dancing, swaying and singing. Beer music, folk songs, pop songs and many a good joke create the best atmosphere.

This program will be performed for about 2.5 hours.

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No matter whether the singing host, the avowed beer drinker Prof. Dr. Schluckspecht or the yodel queen Petra is a guest of the beer caller, it’s always “all about beer”. Our guests will learn all about the seriousness of the beer in just 60 minutes. World-famous beer songs invite you to sing along and sway, but also quite unconventional interpretations of them ensure a good mood and amusement.

So much of the beer and its effect on the man is brought in a very humorous way and deal with the realization that the beer is not only a product of alcoholic fermentation, but first and foremost a home staple. The knowledge gained is, of course, consolidated in the traditional beer quiz.

This program will be performed in about 60 minutes.

You are welcome to call us at 03628-607 400 or


Beer Athlon

At the Bierathlon you will experience a funny competition with exciting, beer-based disciplines. At the Bierathlon, two candidates compete against each other. Bierathlon can be held as an individual or team competition. Fun and accuracy are required.

Disciplines of the Bierathlons:

“Drinking beer bets” (naturally under strict supervision), “taking accelerators” and “crossbow shooting”.

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