Circular Hiking Trails Alteburg: quickly get out

The prehistoric and early historical hilltop settlement Alteburg rises on an elongated mountain spur between the river valleys of Gera and Wilder Weiße. The Alteburgturm (Kaiserturm – emperor’s tower) with its magnificent panoramic view of the city of Arnstadt and the Thuringian countryside towers prominently on the northern tip of the plateau. It has been a popular excursion destination since its inauguration in 1902.

Along the circular hiking trails there are wonderful views from various vantage points into the idyllic valley of the Wilde Gera, the Jonas valley, the Reinsberg mountains and the heights of the Thuringian Forest. An exercise trail animates you to do small exercises.

Hiking trail markings:
A 1 short way / A 2 long way

A 1 (2 km) / A 2 (4 km)


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