Motorcycle Tour “Between Thuringian Forest and Harzvorland”

The tour leads through the classic city of Weimar with its numerous monuments and historical buildings along the Beer and Castle Road into the Kyffhäuser Mountains. Country roads alternate with main roads and numerous sections are marked by serpentines. Back through the foothills of the Thuringian Basin you have the opportunity to drive through the largest contiguous deciduous forest area in Germany, the Hainich. This track is a balanced tour for touring, chopping and cornering.

Distance: 274 km

Time: 7.0 hours

Start and finish in Arnstadt

Km Location Direction Information
0 Arnstadt, brewery hotel Stadtilmer Str. until Dornheim exit,
to Hohenfelden
Dornheim with Johann Sebastian Bach's wedding church
20 Hohenfelden 1 km to Kranichfeld, then to Tonndorf Hohenfelden reservoir; Avenida-Therme; climbing forest; Thuringian open-air museum
31 Bad Berka B 85/87 to Weimar Spa town with health spa; chocolate café "Pauline" at the Pauline Tower
42 Weimar B 85 to Buttelstädt further to L 1058 Classic city; Goethe garden house; Schillerhaus; German National Theater; Bauhaus Museum; Fürstengruft; B 85 - "Beer and Castle Street
66 Buttstädt to Rastenberg, Wiehe City of horse markets
86 Wiehe to Nausitz, B 86
to Artern
Europe's largest all-year model railway show
103 Artern to Ringleben,
to Bad Frankenhausen
Jüngkens lookout tower on the vineyard; Salinepark
118 Bad Frankenhausen
B 85 to Kelbra Panorama museum with monumental painting; Kyffhäuser monument in honour of Kaiser Wilhelm I; Barbarossa cave Rottleben; winding route to Kyffhäuser monument
134 kelbra B 85 to Berga,
L 151 to Nordhausen
154 Nordhausen B 4 to Sondershausen Rolandstadt; free imperial city; Harz transverse station of the Harz narrow-gauge railway; "Echter Nordhäuser - Traditionsbrennerei"; Museum Tabakspeicher
175 Sondershausen B84
to Bad Langensalza
Music and mountain town; former residence castle; "Glück Auf" adventure mine
192 Ebeleben B 84 / B 249
to Bad Langensalza
Schlosspark (palace garden)
215 Bad Langensalza to Erfurt to Döllstädt, then to Großfahner Health resort and rose city with rose garden, Japanese garden, botanical garden and Arboretum; excursion to Hainich National Park with treetop path recommended
231 Großfahner to Neudietendorf Erfurt Orchard
252 Neudietendorf to Thörey-Arnstadt Zinzendorf house
274 Arnstadt Bach, beer and fountain town; oldest town in Central Germany; historic old town with town hall and Bach church

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