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Together to the goal! Our fitness partner Donie’s Personal Studio offers you fitness and equipment training, sports and fitness courses, nutritional advice, vital analysis and anti-stress training.

There are many classic fitness studios. Donie’s Personal Studio is the first of its kind in Thuringia. The difference to a classical studio is the personal support of the customers and the holistic approach in the development of individual training concepts. As a professional athlete, Gerd Donie knows that only hard training alone does not lead to the desired successes. The right training also includes the necessary rest phases and above all the right nutrition. A lot can be done wrong here, so that despite hard training, the desired successes cannot be achieved.

Since January 2015 Gerd Donie has been running his own studio after his active career as an athlete. He has worked very successfully for almost 30 years as a fitness trainer and nutritionist in different studios.

Donie’s Personal Studio takes care of you individually. Gerd Donie personally supervises each exercise, prepares the equipment and monitors the correct execution of your movements. Nothing is worse than having to give up after a short time because joints and muscles were damaged by incorrect execution.

On the basis of a detailed first discussion an overview of the training condition and the goals of the customers is provided first. The first training will already inspire you and is beneficial to your health. With the right motivation, your body will change, and soon people around you will respond to your new training condition and the resulting visual change.

With a personal trainer and the right concept at your side, you will reach your goals much faster. You can then spend the time saved more sensibly, e.g. together with your family.

Give it a try! YOU WILL FEEL THE DIFFERENCE! Just give us a call and arrange a non-binding trial training in Donie’s Personal Studio.

Per request, we can arrange an appointment with our fitness partner.



The desired weight without eating less! Diets are no solution. Only a targeted nutrition concept guarantees long-term success without the yo-yo effect.

Everyone has different prerequisites and goals. These will be elaborated in a personal interview and a meaningful vital analysis.

The right concept for you is developed by borrowing from various nutritional concepts. An integrated training is also always optimal, but even without this, success can be guaranteed for you.

Gerhard Donie
Sondershäuser Str. 2
99310 Arnstadt
Phone: 0173-9441902


Health and beauty

Innovative technology for beautiful skin – with products from Zeitgard. An active hot/cold treatment proven in dermatology counteracts skin aging and visibly reduces wrinkles. In the Anti-Aging-Center you will receive personal advice on your skin care.

What are the benefits of an anti-aging treatment and in which areas of the human body does it work?

An anti-aging treatment rejuvenates and revitalises. Well-being and quality of life will increase and you should feel better overall. In the case of medical anti-age treatment, performance and energy should increase as well. Aesthetic anti-aging with a high-quality, carefully coordinated anti-age care series is intended to reduce the depth of existing wrinkles and prevent further wrinkles. The skin should be better hydrated and thus appear more plump, firmer and healthier.

Helge Meinig
Turnvater-Jahn-Str. 2
99310 Arnstadt

Phone: 0152-56603435

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