The Walpurgiskloster: Archeological Site

About two kilometers southeast of the city of Arnstadt on the Walperberg, 400 meters above sea level, is the deserted Walpurgiskloster. The Walpurgiskloster was first mentioned in documents in 1196. In 1307 and 1309 the monastery was moved to Arnstadt and the buildings were demolished. Until 1533 the faithful could still hold services in a chapel.

Passing the Heimat-Tierpark Fasanerie (pheasant run) over the Walpurgiskirchhof to the Kiesewetterhütte, the trail leads you through the forerunners of the Thuringian Forest. Your way back runs along the Wehrkirche in Siegelbach over the slope of the Wasserleite and above Plauesche Grund.

Hiking trail markings:     
none (separate signs)

8,5 km


Hiking Time
5 hours

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